The Warden Development Council (WDC) came together in the summer of 2006 as an informal group of citizens concerned about the lack of growth in the City of Warden and it’s viability as a thriving, growing community. The county and communities around Warden were growing at an unprecedented rate, but Warden remained a community in poverty and on a downslide. At the same time, the community was approached by WSU to be part of the Horizon’s Project. 

    As in most small towns, even though these two organizations came about independently, many of the members of the WDC also were in the Horizon’s Leadership. In 2007, the ideas produced by these two groups merged with the WDC taking the lead in registering with the state as a not-for-profit 501 (c) (6). As the groups became more and more focused on the work of creating a community where families that earn a ‘living wage’ would like raise their children, it was obvious through the strategic planning process of the Horizon Project that the WDC become the vehicle for change.


Warden Strategic Plan
Each Community's journey through the Horizons Program focused on Community Leadership to Reduce Poverty. To view your Community's Stratecic Plan, visit Horizons II Community Information page, using the link below. Once there, click on your community's link and then on the link for a copy of the Community Strategic Plan.