About UsWelcome to Warden, Washington


The City of  Warden is located in Grant County on the Columbia Plateau of Central Washington state.   Warden has a population of 2,745 residents and total land area is 2.2 sq miles.  The population has steadily grown over the past two decades.  The population of Warden was 1,639 in 1990.

More About Us

Warden is a quiet community, where residents can enjoy a friendly atmosphere with close proximity to outdoor recreation and reasonable travel to urban areas. Warden is agriculture related and this continues to provide the thrust for the economy of the area.


Our Mission

To improve the quality of life in Warden through efficient delivery of outstanding public services.

Our Values

We strive to make Warden a great place to live, work and visit by fostering a dynamic and sustainable environment with exceptional public services.

Our Solution

Our top priorities are to: Grow Warden's economy and create jobs, keep our community healthy and safe, provide outstanding, affordable service to our citizens and secure the City's financial stability.


We Always Try to Create a Difference

Working diligently to improve the government for the citizens of Warden.

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